about the jadecow

Hello, my name is Mia.

I am persistently stained with something.

Sometimes it’s watercolor — usually easy to wash, depending on the pigment — because it likes company and keeps to the hope of an outdoor adventure somewhere.

Other times it’s ink, who likes knuckles and chins, cheeks and pockets. When it feels naughty, it likes to settle in the funny, fishy webbing between the fingers, or the most wrinkled patch of unsuspecting elbow.

Pastel follows suit, but prefers to sparkle on the surfaces of fabrics and a vulnerable parquet floor.

Charcoal doesn’t like to admit it, being such a stern, dark, stoic thing — one would think it had more dignity, surely — but it holds a near-fatal, delicate, and desperate penchant for nostrils. It’s a near-perfect match, this pair of dark things, but quite doomed, and Charcoal puzzles, in its dark, stoic way, how to help such a practically perfect, perverse attraction, how?

So my Pickwickian rabble keeps my laundry piled high and neglected in the corner and my allergies active and amused, even as they go about the messy business of lighting the swift tread of my days.

We welcome you to see what we do.

the categories

Because that’s part of the name of this website. Some will be cross-posts from Instagram, others will not. There may be the occasional video as well, cross-posted from YouTube, of drawing or painting or just walking around.

Standard (and poor) snaps of things that I find interesting. Also lots of food.

Despite the fact that most of the content here will be sketches, there are times when I will post finished work. You will find those here. Some may go up for sale.

I suffer from logorrhea, but I will deny it to your face.

rules and regulations

(Yes, I know these can suck. But it’s my website and I can do what I like.)

Be nice.

Be courteous and kind.

If you’re mean, I’ll call you out on it. If I’m mean, call me out on it.

Assume that the name you are interacting with — whether the owner of this website or not — belongs to a human being just like you.

In other words, don’t be a turdbucket asswipe.

contact me

If you don’t want to post publicly here, you can reach me at mimi (at) jadecow.