Long time no post, eh?

Posted by on Mar 4, 2018 in personal, sketches, yak

Long time no post. Again.

This poor neglected blog. I’ve all intention, and no action, so no viable excuse, just the same old chant you’ve read about before: Life came at me, y’all.

Truthfully, it’s been difficult these past two years. My attention was pulled in many different directions that required — and some still do — greater priority than this blog. I can say and promise that it won’t be the case in 2018, but I won’t. I’m sorry to all the five readers I (might) have.

I did try to maintain a daily sketching practice; it’s probably the only thing I’m consistent about doing, and when I’m stressed, it’s often a great relief to open my sketchbook and just do whatever I want, whether or not the outcome has successful elements or just results in complete garbage. I’ve posted most of that on Instagram — the more successful ones, at least — but they changed their algorithm, and posts are no longer in chronological order. A new social media platform called Vero is currently making waves as a better alternative (chronological posts!), but I may be app-ed out at this point. I’m not fond of duplicate/cross-posting, it feels like I’m spitting out the same content for no reason at all. That was partly why I stopped posting daily sketches here: I wanted the blog to contain longer, more thoughtful posts, even if infrequent, even if no one ever reads them. I’ve never really had the same reach directly from this blog that I’ve had on Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook, and while that’s important, it was never really my goal to attain breathtaking audience numbers/followers. I just wanted a space to share what I liked doing and using.

I still do, and that’s why this site is still here, the poor neglected beast.

That written, here are a few things I’m currently enjoying, and feeling encouraged by, in no particular category or order of importance or squee:

  • The Lazy Genius Collective #45: This is a podcast episode I put on repeat whenever I feel discouraged, or I can’t get a handle on things. I love this episode, and this podcast run by Kendra, who has become one of my favorite funny people to listen to, read, and watch. She blogs regularly (ahem!), and has weekly Instagram Stories (that I always miss when she’s live). When she opens her bakery, I’m going to go off-plan, bid my glucometer a fond vacation, and put my face into whatever Kendra makes.
  • Continuing on the topic of goals, here’s a long post from Roz, who is wonderful and takes no shit. And gives you encouragement on stepping around the shit that sometimes happens anyway.
  • Retrospective’s tribute to Yuri!! on Ice!: Because anime. Because Yuri!! on Ice! Because hooray for healthy gay relationships in anything. Also, and simplest of all, music.
  • While we’re on anime, here is one of my top favorite shows, 3月のライオン (March Comes In Like a Lion). Isn’t it appropriate for the month I’m posting this? Yes, and emphatically yes, it’s that good, but only if you like the slice-of-life genre. Otherwise, skip. And if you don’t like Rei, or Shimada-san-my-perfect-husbando, I don’t want to talk to you. Ever.
  • The Messy Palette Club, run by Vinita Pappas. I’ve been Vinita’s student for many years, and she is an incredible source of all things painterly. Because my schedule rarely affords me the luxury of taking an in-person class, this is the next best thing, and when conducted by a knowledgeable, encouraging, and frank instructor, it’s more precious than gold.
  • Here’s an art supply I’ve been using a lot lately, which I purchased last year at the Chicago Urban Sketchers Symposium, a Rosemary and Co. Pocket Sable/Nylon Dagger brush. It took me a while to get used to, but really fun.
  • And a surprise new thing for me: the Koh-i-noor Magic colored pencil. It harkens childhood days of crayons and grease pencils and construction paper, and Oh. My. Fun.

I’ve other favorites, but I’ll save those for another post.

And because this site is called, after all, The Jadecow Sketches, below is a sketch for you: it’s part of a daily painting/drawing challenge conjured by Cori Nicholls on Instagram called Daily Cuppa 365 (#dailycuppa365). As you can see, I’ve done 61 already. Hooray. Though it’s not the only sketchbook work I’ve been doing. Now I go and sketch 62.

avocado slices and a cup of tea in watercolor

Tea for this bomb cyclone. I expect another polar vortex to show up mid-March. And food is hard to paint. 61/365

4 thoughts

  1. Margana

    March 4, 2018

    Well done and welcome back!


    1. Thank you! Good to be back!


  2. Joan Tavolott

    March 4, 2018

    Glad to see you finally updated the blog!!! Good to see you here, on FB, and on Instagram…but not quite like in person. :)


    1. Thank you, I’m glad about the update too. Well, I hope to make it to the next Manhattan location; I also hope I’m not bogged down with deadlines that need weekend overtime. Sigh.