Daily Cuppa 365: February 2018

Posted by on Mar 12, 2018 in sketches

I’ve got an unhealthy collection of mugs, but only use a few repeatedly.

That’s mainly out of laziness, I just can’t be bothered actively rotating them outside of a handful. And I don’t faithfully sketch the mugs as they are — especially the ones with the complex patterns. I’m more interested in the shadows, though truthfully those are often the same: I keep my mug to my left, where I can safely avoid knocking it over with my dominant hand and dipping my paint brush in it (yes, done did, sometimes still do), and light is often overhead and on the left side. I still try to vary the way I sketch the mugs though.

You can follow along and post your own sketches on Instagram by using the hashtag, #dailycuppa365.

Here are February’s set, 32–59.

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2 thoughts

  1. Love the 4th one!! ( start counting left to right) beautiful soft edge that goes into bkg. Well done


    1. Thanks! I think these are getting harder to do, though…